People have been doing chores for decades but in recent years children have been fighting with their parents because they don't want to do them the question many have on their mind is should kids have chores.Yes kids should have chores because they help them mature into responsible adults.
The very nature of children and teens are lacking in judgement,impulsive and self absorbed.children are born like this but they will gradually develop maturity ,be less impulsive, and not self absorbed.chores help you to do things on your own and make you more responsible in the process.

Research indicates that the children that have a set of chores have a higher self-esteem, more responsible, able to deal with frustration, and delay of gratification,and all of those lead to a better success in school.Research by marty rossman indicates “the best predictor of young adults’ success in their mid-20s was that they participate in household tasks when they were three or four.”

Chores teach children every day skills that they need to learn for example this can happen. “5-year-old sara goes to kindergarten and is one of the few students who doesn’t know how to button her own coat”.or you're going into college and you are one of the very few that does not know how to wash the dishes.Or if you learn these skills like your mom taught you. You can help around the house and your parents will be able to depend on you.